Books for Malawi

Providing Reformed reading material in the Warm Heart of Africa
An Antioch Baptist Church project

USA collection point (send books to):
Chapel Library • 2603 W Wright St • Pensacola, FL • 32505
Telephone: 850 434-0058 • Email:

The Need

  • Christian Living
  • Systematic Theology
  • Church History
  • Puritan Paperbacks
  • Homeschool books
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Children's books
  • CD, DVD sermons, conservative music
  • Any other books in line with a Reformed understanding of theology.

Antioch Baptist Church

Antioch Baptist Church seeks to be faithful to the Scriptures in a country where for centuries pagan darkness and now Western humanism and nominal Christianity have prevailed. Nigerian charismatism has taken the country by storm. But in the last few years the Lord has raised up a growing number of people seeking to be faithful to the Scriptures and informed by historic Christianity. Antioch Baptist Church is grateful to the Lord to be part of this movement. Committed to honoring the grace of God in salvation, we are known as a reformed Baptist church, with the 1689 London Baptist Confession as a general expression of our doctrine.

Our bookstore has had the unique opportunity of bringing biblical truth for salvation and life to Malawi and parts of Mozambique and Zambia since 2012. Books and literature have been a vital means of evangelism, discipleship, and establishing churches in Malawi. Because of the economic condition of the country, we have maintained very low prices to make the books affordable and accessible to our community. Donated used, returned, or second-quality books have helped us keep prices low in the past.

Send Us Books

Thank you for being part of eliminating theological poverty in Malawi!
Box up your used or less-than-perfect books and send them to:

Chapel Library • 2603 W Wright St • Pensacola, FL • 32505


We are grateful to our USA partners for help with this project:

Chapel Library
Chapel Library

National Center for Family Integrated Churches
National Center for Family Integrated Churches